Étiquette : part-time job

  • Less is better

    As I wrote in a previous blog post, I’m very keen to free up some time to move forward with my « springbok.social » project, in parallel with the permaculture activities my partner and I are carrying out at home.

    So, I’m going to decommission g33ks.coffee <3 to reclaim its resources and my time that I was devoting to its administration.

    Then I negotiated with my employer to get a part-time job. From July 1, I’ll be working only 80%, i.e. 4 days a week.

    This gives me 1 extra day to devote fully to my personal projects. I’d already been able to experiment with this format with my previous employer, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. There’s no doubt about it, in my job I’ll be more motivated and I’ll be more efficient in my tasks and in the value I can bring. I’m also taking advantage of the opportunity I’ve been offered to become Lead of the team I’m working with, which ultimately means I’ll be working at 80% but keeping 92% of my current salary.

    On the other hand, I’ll also have more time to experiment, learn and discover new things, whether it’s around my springbok project and the Rust language; or on the cultivation of our agricultural plot; or anything else that will make me feel better on a daily basis at all levels.

    By the way, my partner has also obtained the same flexibility from his employer: he’ll be working at 80% from January 1 for 85% of his current salary. We’ve chosen to take Fridays off, so the 2 of us will be free to organize our 3-day weekend to enjoy our adventures together <3